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A new era of digital creativity has come.

Creativity happens everywhere, not just on the desktop. Give your users access to their files and creative content. Browse, import and save directly to the Creative Cloud, directly from your app. Infinite are the possibilities that allow you to pull layers and groups directly from Photoshop files into your app. Save your work back to the Creative Cloud as a PSD, keeping full editability and all made with a next generation Pixel Perfect tip will redefine accuracy on mobile devices besides correct perspectives and deblur images using cloud processing, while a Photoshop’s engine provides non-destructive editing capabilities ... and much more!

Chatting at Photoshop Artist & Tutor.

What inspired you most to become a Graphic artist? The passion for design, in its various aspects, is something that I have had since childhood and I have always been fascinated by typography, layout, colors and shapes which of course prompted me to want to understand more and more of this world. It’s strange because I have always had a different job from this and I lived this love such as playing Jazz in a garage with friends in the evening but one day the company where I worked for went bankrupt and after a moment of disorientation I made the decision to try to do what I really loved in life so I printed a business card and I started looking for my clients and the difficulties were many, but the satisfaction and rewards urged me to not give up...

Author: Andrew Kavanagh

Typekit Practice is made by Adobe Typekit and friends.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert in any medium, good decisions take practice - and great ones stand on a solid foundation. Typekit Practice is a collection of resources and a place to try things, hone your skills, and stay sharp. Everyone can practice typography. Try using shades for eye-catching emphasis, browse useful references like advice about typographic hierarchy, or peruse our library of recommended books on typography and design. Sometimes it even helps to remind ourselves what typography is and why it’s valuable. Lessons walk through specific topics or methods in the practice of typography, with a clear objective or takeaway skill that can be immediately applied to design work.

New Creative Meet Up - Milano.

An exclusive event for creative minds, visionaries and professionals! Meet live the most successful Italian artists and designers who will share with you their creations and their sources of inspiration, in fields such as graphic design, photography, video and special effects. The event will also host the first edition of Creative Jam, during which 20 creative, organized in small teams, will be able to live a unique experience: a creative competition of three hours on a surprise theme. You can also cheer on for your favorite team via twitter #createnow or follow the progress of their projects on behance.net. The winners will be announced and awarded at the end of the event.
To participate in the live, simply log on the day of the event and choose the  scheda Live .