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Photographic Post Production.

New appointments for lovers and professionals shooting which divided into a series of courses dedicated to Adobe Photoshop where I'll put all my skills in Post Production available to analyze, understand and develop a photographic shot. 15 evenings where starting from the analysis of an image we will cross wedding photography, Black and White, the Photo Retouching Beauty, Portrait, Panorama and HDR so we can hone some techniques applicable to your own passions and attitudes.

The courses are part of the program and events of the Photographic Club of Verdellino and are available exclusively to registered photographers regularly, but there will also be some WorkShop day and open to everyone in the future with the support of models and a dedicated location.

Tools to get more done.

Currently the best professional mailbox on the market, get customised email (@yourcompany.com), 24/7 support, 30 GB of storage and more. Create, edit and share files on the go from your phone, laptop or tablet.
Manage your company's devices and data with tools that provide the control you need and adding to your account the different Apps free as Calendar, Docs or Google Presentations any limit is shot down.

One of the best resources for designing web.

One of the markets, if not the first in the world, evolving quickly is definitely the web dove in about 24 years (from the first WWW made by Tim Berners-Lee - August 6, 1991) we got to websites Animated, interactive and which interact with all types of imaginal devices and it's precisely for this reason that anyone involved in web designing must upgrade their skills constantly, Blog and specialized Magazine are an important source.

WebDesigner News was created as a unique site for daily news in web design. It covers a wide range of topics ranging from vanialla web design to demo code, from branding to the most advanced applications. If it's important for our sector this is a resource to be saved on the agenda.

Story Behind The Image: Wanderlust " the strong desire or impulse to travel and explore the world."

In this interview from Creative Clud Blog the photographer and contributor to the Adobe Stock Jamen Percy explains the inspiration, motivation and technique before taking a photo of the dramatic genre as in the case of this extraordinary image of the Aurora Borealis reflection between two fjords in Troms0.

J.P.:As a younger soul, I had flown very far from the nest. I found myself in a whole new world where every day was an adventure. Growing more eager and daring every day, I finally took the plunge and I invested in a new camera and headed to the Arctic Circle to see the mystical Northern Lights ...