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The creative conference.

Adobe annually since 2003, is home to one of the most coveted events in the field of design, creativity and visual communications where about 5,000 of the best creative minds from all over the world meet to discuss the current and future developments. During these four days you can attend conferences, sessions and workshops chaired by exceptional speakers that normally develop products for companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Pinterest, Lynda.com, Spotify and of course Adobe.
What unites all creative summoned, in addition to the undoubted talent it is to develop their ideas with Adobe technologies, in particular Creative Cloud and this year in the hall of fame of creativity there is also a section dedicated to the Adobe community professional including myself, with great honor.


Precise choice of Pantone colors.

The science of colors applied to marketing is definitely a fascinating study of how the choice of one color over another can influence the actions or thoughts of people. It seems that the choice of colors for a brand has a great importance in the perception by potential customers, even by some recent studies it seems that the color of the product up to 80% may have an influence on the choice of purchase. You understand then how this choice is decisive in determining the success or otherwise of a trademark. Choose a color for your business may seem simple, but actually a wrong decision may compromising the future even in the long term.

San Paolo, 14-17 OTTOBRE 2015.

The theme of ATypI's 2015 conference is “Challenges”, which invites attendees to explore not only the many challenges faced in contemporary type design and visual communication, but also strategies for how we might best address them – how we challenge the obvious and strive toward innovation. Insights on type-related issues are welcomed from educational, technological, historical and practical perspectives.
The conference begins on Wednesday, October 14, and David Lemon kicks off the day as he joins a presentation on the current state of web fonts with representatives from Google Fonts and Monotype. David will also be joining a panel discussion Wednesday afternoon to do some brainstorming on the future of OpenType, moderated by Dave Crossland.

Photomanipulation and digital retouching.

One of the first distinctions that we can note is that the compositing is divided into four main categories, with their various facets, which are distinguished by destination and difficulty in being realized as techniques in play vary while maintaining the basic logic of depth of field, color temperature, light and shadow, and which aim to a single result ... be credible!
Basic can be defined as Photo Compositing, Advertising, Illustrative and Fantasy precisely on the basis of the objective that the post producer set out to achieve and to make you immediately grasp the differences I show you some very famous work where are applied four techniques, from Photo Compositing used as you can imagine from the word itself to replace the background behind a model after the shooting in the studio with a environment like a room, a street or any one so as to attribute to the shoot an artistic value added or to emphasize the emotional state that the author wants to attribute to an image.