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Interview recorded during the event , graphic designer and visual artist about multi-channel communication.

Courses and Workshop

  • Among the various commitments I support agencies and industry professionals providing courses to update.
  • I hold lessons for photography classes, post production and web developers.
  • I give technical support for software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Dreamweaver and other ...
  • I take part in events as a speaker about the several mechanisms of visual communication.


  • Gaetano is a very talented artist and an amazing person. He works hard and really knows his job. I highly recommend him for the extremely high standards of excellence, creativity and professionalism.

    Author Martin Benes
    • Martin Benes
    • Creative Retoucher
  • Ho avuto il piacere di commissionare un lavoro molto delicato che comprendeva la creazione di un sito professionale e molti altri supporti mobile. Ha portato a termine tutti i lavori con eccellente qualità, rispettando i tempi stabiliti.

    Author Luca Vaccarino
    • Luca Vaccarino
    • Seat PG S.p.A.
  • Gaetano used to be an Admin for my Photoshop and Lightroom group on Facebook, but I had to let him go as he was exploding with creativity & possibility! Gaetano is a fantastic digital artist & designer, trainer & creative director. When I think of Gaetano I always think of one word - Genius! Gaetano is great at any creative project he works on! Gaetano seems to have no limitations. It is an honor to call him a friend as well.

    Author Andrew Kavanagh
    • Andrew Kavanagh
    • Photoshop Retoucher
  • Gaetano is a supremely talented designer. His designs are intricate, structured and engaging. I definitely recommend his work.

    Author Will Engel
    • Will Engel
    • Writer at AXS
  • Gaetano è un self made man e da solo è risucito a fare della sua passione un lavoro. La sua passione,appunto, lo ha spinto avanti e adesso lo spinge oltre, con nuove idee e nuovi lavori. Riesce ad unire il design alla fotografia la tecnica alla passione. I suoi lavori sono estremamente precisi ,dal lettering alle immagini, dal web alla grafica, tutto è uniforme ,tutto è in sintonia. Un vero professionista e un vero artista.

    Author Alessandro Anglisani
    • A. Anglisani
    • Photographer
  • Gaetano is a remarkable visual communicator who brings an impressive design aesthetic. His talent, creativity, and expert technical skills show in his work as a creative director with projects including digital art, digital photography, advertising, branding, web design, and more. I highly recommend him!

    Author Lauren Cullen
    • Lauren Cullen
    • Graphic Designer
  • I was introduced to Mr. Giordano when we both moderated the Photoshop and Lightroom Users Group on Facebook (over 50k members as I write). I was, of course, immediately impressed with his visual perspective. Gaetano has a style that is incredibly unique in a field known for uniqueness. He is a man with talents that stand out among others. I was fortunate enough to 'meet him' via video conferencing. During these meetings I was impressed not only by his insightful additions to the agenda at hand, but by his good humored approach.

    Author Ed Ward
    • Ed Ward
    • Mental Ward Design
  • Gaetano has a sweet taste and good design approach in each of his work! Strong professional as designer! Have nice work with him.

    Author Athos Boncompagni
    • A. Boncompagni
    • Illustratore